Grahame Gardner
Curriculum Vitae

Lighting Designs


Scottish Ballet:
THE PRISONERS (1982). Dir/chor: Peter Darrell, design: Nicky Ulyott.
SKAZKA (1987). Chor: Jewel/O’Donnell/Dear, costumes: Maggie Miller, set & lighting design: Grahame Gardner.
CHERI (1988). Dir/Chor: Peter Darrell, design: Philip Prowse.
CARMEN (1988). Dir/Chor: Peter Darrell.
SONATA IN TIME (1988). Chor: Michael Corder, design Tim Shortall.
AQUARELLE (1990). Chor: Michael Rahn.
SUN AND STEEL (1990). Chor: Massimo Moricone.
SCOTCH SYMPHONY, WHO CARES? (1990). Chor: Balanchine, produced by Nanette Glushak.
ESPRIT (1991). Chor: Paulo Lopes, design: B J Ryan.
Plus numerous other small pieces.

Ulster Youth Dance : 
RITE OF SPRING (1991). Dir/chor: Royston Maldoom.
VERKLÄRTE NACHT, OUT OF THE ETHER (1992). Dir/chor: Royston Maldoom.
TRYST, ANNE FRANK, 39 STEPS (1993). Dir/chor: Royston Maldoom.

Scottish Dance Theatre: 
TOUCH and FRICTION (1985). Dir/chor: Peter Royston, Design: Graham Bowers.
SONG OF SONGS (1999). Dir/chor: Janet Smith, design: Kate Borthwick “excellent design and lighting” – The Scotsman.

Tabula Rasa Dance Company:
OPENWORK, THE LISTENERS (2000), ONE CROWDED HOUR (2001), THE BIRDCATCHER (2002), VIS a VIS (2003), THE BRIGHT-EYED MARINER “Beautifully lit” – The Scotsman, HUFF PUFF AND AWAY (2004), THE WINTER ROOM (2007). Chor: Claire Pencak

Company Chordelia:
LES AMOUREUX (2009) “Sumptiously designed and beautifully lit” – Metro
CABARET CHORDELIA (2009), MIRANDA (2011) “Beautifully staged” – The Herald

Claire Cunningham:
EVOLUTION, MOBILE (2008), ME (2009) “…lighting and movement combine wonderfully” – The Skinny

Janice Parker Projects:

Small Axe: 
IF (1995). Dir/chor: Tristan Borrer & Gary Lambert.

Oracle Dance: 
LICKING HONEY FROM THE RAZOR’S EDGE, EPIPHANY (Sadler’s Wells, 1995). Chor: Jo Chandler.

Anniesland College Dance Dept./ Maxine Railton: 
, AN EVENING OF DANCE (2005), PULSE (2008-2011) Dir: Maxine Railton

Dance School of Scotland:
DS2011, DS2012, DS2013

PROJECT Y (2006)

Opera / Music theatre:

AIYF Opera Garden:
THE MAGIC FLUTE (2004) Dir: Marcos Pujol
FALSTAFF (2005) Dir: Marcos Pujol
HANSEL & GRETEL (2007). Dir: Marcos Pujol

Scottish Opera/Company Chordelia
THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS (2011,2013) Dir. Kally Lloyd-Jones HERALD ANGEL AWARD WINNER Fringe 2011
DANCE DERBY (2013) Dir. Kally Lloyd-Jones

Paragon Ensemble: 
THE LOVING OF ETAIN (Opera -1994). Dir: Kate Brown“…rich, colourful lighting” – The Guardian
EIGHT SONGS FOR A MAD KING (1994 & 2002). THE MUSICAL SEMINAR (1995). Dir: Paul Stebbings. EXORCISM, MAHLER 4, OVER THE RAINBOW (with Terry Neason) (1995). Dir: David Davies. WINTERREISE (1996).
MADNESS LIT BY LIGHTNING, THE LIE (1997). Dir: Alan Caig-Wilson. AN TURUS (opera – 1998). Dir: Gerda Stevenson, design: Karen Tennent. “…stunning lighting design” – Opera Now.
BE RIOtous (1998). Chor: Eric Tassier-Lavigne. Set & Lighting Design. GLASSWORKS (2000) Set & Lighting Design. EXORCISM, RITE, ABSOLUTE ZERO (2006). TORQUE (2013)

Scottish Early Music Consort:
A CONVERSATION WITH ANGELS (1998). Dir/design: Kate Brown.

Sounds of Progress:
A WEE BIT OF HOW D’YE DO (2001). Dir: Gerry Mulgrew Des: Karen Tennent.

Theatre Cryptic:
BLACK OVER RED (2001) Dir: Cathie Boyd. Des: Glebs Pantelejevs. EACH…AND EVERY INCH (2002)

In-House Opera:
MACBETH, Falkland House (2005)

Edinburgh Grand Opera:

THE SPITFIRE GRILL, THE JONAH BOY (2008). Dir: Sally Rapier, Andrew Panton

Dance School of Scotland Music Theatre course:
BYE BYE BIRIDE (2012). Dir: Johnny McKnight

National Theatre of Scotland:
JUMP (Glasgow/Fife 2012). Dir: Simon Sharkey/Phil McCormick
“…the sound and lighting are brilliant” – The Scotsman


Jordanhill College Theatre Group: 

Dundee Repertory Theatre:

Rain Dog: 
STILL LIFE (1993). Dir. Caroline Stevenson, design: Andy Harris.

Reeling & Writhing:
ONLY THE MEN (2007). Dir: Katherine Morley

Visible Fictions:
A LADDER TO THE STARS (2018/2019) Dir: Douglas Irvine


Arthur Andersen & Dundas & Wilson Glasgow merger party (2000)
Glasgow Science Centre IMAX gala opening (2000)
Glasgow CCA opening installation 2002 (with Cryptic Productions)


Most of Scottish Ballet’s repertoire prior to 1992 (national and international tours, all scales). City of Birmingham Touring Opera: ‘LES BOREADES’, ‘FAUST’, ‘FALSTAFF’, ‘CHURCH PARABLES’, ‘THE ADVENTURES OF VIXEN SHARP-EARS’ (medium scale national tours). D’Oyly Carte Opera: ‘ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD’, ‘PIRATES OF PENZANCE’(large scale national tour). Tron Theatre: ‘DUMBSTRUCK’(medium/large scale national tour). Michael Harrison: ‘THE RISE AND FALL OF LITTLE VOICE’ (large-scale national tour). Matthew Bourne’s ‘SWAN LAKE’ (Associate Lighting Designer: large-scale national and international tours and video recording). London Sinfonietta: ‘GREEK’ (UK & Paris). 21CC: ‘DANCER’ (UK tour).


Mentor to LX Designer RSAMD MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (2004), ALBERT HERRING (2007). Designed and implemented new touring lighting rig for Scottish Ballet (1990), utilising 6-lamp pre-rigged bars, trussing side lighting towers, AVOLITES dimmers and control system. Consultant to Aberdeen District Council for replacement Prompt desk, CCTV and Comms. facilities, His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen (1992). D’Oyly Carte Opera – consultant on new touring rig with pre-rigged bars, trussing side lighting towers, AVOLITES dimmers and control system. Maintenance, PAT testing and inventory of rig; design and installation of storage systems for same (1992/93).
Designed and operated sound rig for Birmingham Rep’s UK premiere of CANDIDE at the Assembly Halls, Edinburgh Festival (1981). Designed sound for CURTAIN UP!, which re-opened His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen after its refurbishment (1982). Re-designed house sound system for Eden Court, Inverness (1980).

Production and Technical Management:

Dancebase (Edinburgh Festival), Junk Ensemble, Take Me Somewhere Festival, Tabula Rasa Dance Company, Dorothy Paul, Terry Neason, Rotarians International, Company Chordelia, Claire Cunningham, Errol White Company.

Film & a/v:

Small scale Betacam directing/camera/editing skills. Sound mixing/editing. Producer/writer/director, promotional video for Glasgow University Enterprise Project (1993). Training videos for BBC Radio Helpline (1995). Film work – electrics, some sound and grips experience. Gaffer on ‘TOOL’ (Tartan Shorts) and ‘DOG DAYS’ (NFTS graduation film). Electrician on ‘HOLD BACK THE NIGHT’, ‘COMPLICITY’, ‘THE LITTLE VAMPIRE’ and ‘HOUSE OF MIRTH’ (1999). Has re-lit several stage shows for video/television (including Matthew Bourne’s ‘SWAN LAKE’). Produces regular podcast ‘ADVENTURES IN DOWSING’ for The British Society of Dowsers; audiobook editing for Skyboat Media (Los Angeles).

General Skills:

Fully experienced at staging shows in any size of venue, from Acharacle village hall to the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Has played a great many UK venues, from small to large scale; has also toured internationally to USA, Australia, Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Cyprus, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Ukraine and Russia. Fully experienced at re-lighting large productions on tour. Experienced board operator on most memory boards, including moving lights and LEDs (Strand 500 series and ETC ION/EOS proficient). Fashion and trade shows. Audio-visual experience. Follow Spot Operator. Pyrotechnics experience. Full UK driving licence. Computer literate – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Vectorworks proficient. Experienced Stage and Production Manager.

Other interests include writing, reading, dowsing & geomancy, kite-flying, juggling, flight simulation, and hillwalking.

Education and Training:

1968-74 Allan Glen’s School, Glasgow 9 SCE O-Levels, 4 SCE Highers
1974-77 Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Dip. Drama & Spoken Word with merit in Technical and Design Studies.
1976 University of Rochester, New York. Journeyman Electrician/Designer, UR Summer Theatre
2000-01 Modern European Geomancy training with Sig Lonegren and Patrick MacManaway
2003-04 Advanced dowsing training with Billy Gawn
2005 BSD Tutor Training